"Tailoring your Home to Fit your Style"

Full Service Interior Design in the NY Metro Area

My name is Avery Johnson,

 I made the transition from the world of fashion to creating breathtaking living spaces for my clients.

The evolution came naturally as I realized the parallels that exist between dressing people and outfitting spaces. I thoroughly enjoy helping people find their personal style and expression through their environments.

I create spaces that are tailored to my clients’ lifestyles while also elevating how they experience their spaces. 

I approach each project by engaging, listening to, and connecting with my clients so that everyone is excited about what we’ve created once our work is complete.


Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Avery has a great eye! I highly recommend Avery to anyone who is thinking about starting a home project.

~Julie Becker

Avery is a complete professional from start to finish. His creativity is one of a kind. He is responsive, thoughtful, compassionate, helpful and honest! There is no better.

~Marsi J. Bleecher Msed

There are few individuals with as keen an eye as Avery. His personal style exudes an elevated confidence and definitive understanding of fashion that few in my experience are lucky enough to have. This critical execution of style has translated seamlessly into his work in Interior Design.

~Kevin Thompson

Design Process



We meet and discuss your space, preferences, lifestyle, and existing decor. After you share your vision, and goals for the space(s), I will address any concerns. I will send a proposal containing budget and recommendations for all things discussed during the assessment.



We meticulously plan your preferences with our tailored approach. We craft a personalized vision for your space and optimize functionality to create a captivating space for you.. Drawings and materials are presented to communicate concepts and direction.



From furniture and fabrics to lighting and accessories, we source every element; ensuring a cohesive design that reflects your individual taste and brings your vision to life. *Timeline from Consultation to Sourcing takes approx. 4-6 weeks



Our team handles project logistics by coordinating with contractors and managing timelines to deliver a beautifully executed design.


Inspired by what you See

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